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Light pores through

like people

through the green light.

Moving  on.

Moving forward.


People come in

for the good and bad

and sometimes

fade away

from our lives.

From us.


It’s time for me

to go.

You will come

to know a greater



Turn it off.

Turn off,

the light.


Connor Grey

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I see no reason why we shouldn’t bring this back.


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Hidden Beneath the Notes


Singing words that have no meaning

songs don’t play the beauty of my pain.

They play the beauty of their own.


Disguising the sorrow

with melodies and what could sound like,



Poring tears of a lullaby 

into a sea full of a child’s



Rhythm and rhymes.

Ashes ashes, We all fall down.

I am falling.

Hidden Beneath the Notes

Connor Grey

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Justin Bieber’s Brazilian prostitute allegedly filmed him sleeping. Iconic.

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lack of blogging.

So recently I have been stressing about school starting back up again and having NO cool stories to tell people when I get back, so the past few days I’ve been having out with as many of my friends as possible hoping something cool might happen during one of these group hangouts. We went streaking, stayed up and watched the sun set, you know, the usual. Anyway, thats why I have not been posting as much. I hope you all understand :)

       ~Connor Gay

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Dear Society,

If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and offensive but you don’t think her dance partner is raunchy, trashy, or offensive as he sings a song about “blurred” lines of consent and…

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